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These Four Climbers Have Free-Soloed 5.14: Meet the Masters of the Wall

The echelons of free-solo climbing have witnessed some extraordinary feats, where thrill-seekers ascend formidable sport routes without the security of ropes or gear.

Among these audacious ascents, tackling difficulties rated 5.14a or higher stand out as remarkable indications of human potential pushing against the vertical limits.

Each climb represented not just a physical challenge but a profound mental test, a silent dialogue between climber and mountain.

Alexander Huber’s ascent of Kommunist 5.14a in 2004 marked a groundbreaking moment in climbing history, with moves that required a blend of power and poise, leaving no room for hesitation.

The journey to free-solo Darwin Dixit in 2008 by Dave MacLeod and again in 2021 by Jorge Díaz-Rullo further underlines the continuous evolution of climbing difficulty and human capacity.

These climbs, along with the remarkable achievement of Alfredo Webber, who mastered Panem et Circenses 5.14b at 52, showcase not just physical prowess but a rare kind of courage.

Alexander Huber

  • Professional Skills:

    • Renowned for: Bold solo climbs
    • Specialty: Challenging sport routes
  • Notable Ascents:

    • Pioneered: Free-solo of Kommunist, grade 5.14a
    • Multi-Pitch Mastery: Climbed a complex new multi-pitch rated at 5.14, featuring varied pitches down to 5.9
    • Historic Solo: Effortlessly ascended a classic 148m climb graded at 5.10 in Sardinia
  • Training Regimen:

    • Dedication: Engages in intensive training, including six days on his project climb
    • Solo Performances: Flawlessly executed single-pitch free-solos up to 5.13c
  • Mental Fortitude:

    • Remarkable Feat: Mentally taxing solo climb in Mont Blanc region on Dent du Geant’s South Face (5.10d)
    • Psychological Challenge: Mescalito’s high exposure and critical crux move marked as his scariest solo endeavor
  • Personal Insights:

    • Home Crag Affection: Soloed a 70-foot route grade 8b+ (5.14a) named The Communist in Austria, at Schleierwasserfall, his preferred climbing spot
    • Community Interaction: While preferring solitude, occasionally enlists spontaneous assistance, such as a hiker to record his climb

Dave MacLeod

  • Climbing Achievement: Free-solo climbing
  • Grade Accomplished: 8b+ (5.14a)

Dave MacLeod has garnered attention for his free solo climb of a route rated at the impressive difficulty of 8b+. In the realm of rock climbing, this grade is widely recognized as a significant challenge that requires a high level of skill, strength, and mental fortitude.

The free-solo ascent—scaling without ropes or safety gear—exemplifies an elite level of mastery in climbing.

Jorge Diaz-Rullo

  • Climbing Feat: Free Solo of Darwin Dixit (graded 8c)
  • Climber: Jorge Díaz-Rullo
  • Style: Without the use of ropes

Alfredo Webber’s Solo Feats

  • Location: Arco, Italy
  • Climb: “Panem et Circenses”
  • Method: Free soloing

Webber, an experienced Italian climber, achieved a remarkable free solo ascent of a route named “Panem et Circenses” in his home country.

This route is recognized for its challenging nature, featuring a 50-foot-long wall of slightly overhanging limestone.

Demonstrating significant skill and bravery, his unroped achievement is noted among the most demanding ascents in the climbing community.

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