About Go Tree Climbing

a1 - About Go Tree ClimbingWe are Go Tree Climbing.

Have you ever wanted to climb trees or experience the rush of conquering a particularly tall specimen? Go Tree Climbing features guides dedicated to the propagation of tree climbing as an activity. Particularly, we encourage our readers to experience the magic of climbing forests and trees—including legendary specimens already here even before some of us were born.

We take our tree-climbing seriously. We regularly encourage adventure, education, and a sense of personal growth.

Our Blog Posts Regularly Include:

  • Guides and instructors who are experts in their field
  • Equipment on par with the best in the world
  • Climbing sites that are ranked among the most visited in the world
  • Complete satisfaction and great experience

The forests of the world are just something you have to experience to personally confirm. We don’t discriminate; whether you’re a beginner, an advanced climber, or a long-time enthusiast of tree climbing, we welcome you and are delighted to assist you as you ascend up the forest canopy.