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Tree Climbing Ban in Italian City

In Oderzo, a picturesque municipality nestled in Treviso’s northern expanses, authorities have imposed a regulation that has sparked considerable debate.

People who attempt to climb trees in the urban center’s public zones may find themselves on the receiving end of a financial penalty ranging from €25 to a substantial €500.

This rule, part of the town’s longstanding urban protocols, recently made headlines amid discussions of legislative enhancements. These encompass additional stipulations such as prohibiting individuals from reclining on public benches.

The town’s mayor, Maria Scardellato, endorses the regulation as a safeguard for both the citizens and the trees themselves.

Alternatively, voices of dissent have risen, such as Giulia Princivalli, a council member hailing from the opposing political spectrum, who questions the logic behind deterring children’s natural inclination to climb trees in an era when digital screens often captivate their attention.

Princivalli suggests a more moderate approach of signage indicating parental responsibility in the case of mishaps.

Beyond political viewpoints, professional insights emerge from Mirco Casteller, a psychologist, who highlights the intrinsic value of risky play activities such as tree climbing for cognitive development. He emphasizes the opportunity it provides for children to explore and understand their physical boundaries.

In defense of the regulation, the mayor has clarified through social media that the constraints do not extend to rural or privately-owned trees. Instead, they are specific to the town’s central and public environments.

Mayor Scardellato states that the intention is not to curb the joy of children’s play but rather to preserve order and safety within the urban core.

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