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11 Year Old Becomes Youngest to Climb 5.14d: A Pinnacle Achievement in Youth Climbing

Leo Cea Bliedtner, an 11-year-old climbing prodigy from Chile, has recently achieved a significant milestone in the climbing community. He ascended a route named Tecnoking, graded at 5.14d, in Las Chilcas, Chile. If the grading is confirmed, Leo’s accomplishment will mark him as the youngest climber to ever complete a climb of this difficulty, surpassing the record previously set by 12-year-old Théo Blass in 2022.

The route, established by local climber Ronny Escobar Ortega, poses a formidable challenge with its smooth surfaces and varied holds, demanding a high degree of skill and strength.

Leo’s climbing journey, originating in Oldenburg, Germany, blossomed fully after his move to Chile, where he began climbing at age seven. Embracing the sport with his family, he showed remarkable progression, advancing through increasingly difficult grades and eventually achieving Tecnoking’s top after numerous attempts and dedicated practice.

His approach to training, with a focus on climbing itself rather than weight or campus board training, allowed for a tailored regimen that directly addressed the demands of the route. His climb is not just an expression of his physical capabilities but also a testament to his passion and joy for the sport.

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