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Two Popular Trail Loops on Minnesota’s North Shore: Repairs Prompt Temporary Closure

Minnesota’s North Shore will see two of its beloved hiking trails temporarily closing their paths to the public this year. In an effort to address the wear and tear that Mother Nature and frequent foot traffic has inflicted, repair and renovation efforts are scheduled for both the Bean and Bear Lakes Loop and part of the Split Rock River Loop.

These two trails, known for their natural beauty and the unique hiking experience they provide, are set to undergo significant improvements to mitigate erosion and upgrade their aging structures.

The closure of the Bean and Bear Lakes Loop is slated for May 15, while the Split Rock River Loop will see its closure beginning on September 1. The exact duration of the closures is yet to be determined, hinging on the progress of the renewal projects.

These endeavors are a collaboration between the Superior Hiking Trail Association and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, reflecting a combined effort to maintain the splendor and experience of these trails amidst growing visitor numbers and environmental challenges.

Bean and Bear Lakes Loop

  • Closure Date: Begins May 15
  • Affected Area:
    • Main trail portion spanning 2.2 miles
    • All Bean and Bear lakes overlooks
    • Penn Creek and Bear Lake campsites
    • Connecting 1.2-mile spur trail
  • Bypass Available: Yes (no lake views)
  • Improvements:
    • Trail surface repair
    • Bear Lake campsite restoration

Note: The bypass route will be open for hikers, though it does not offer lake access.

Split Rock River Loop

  • East Side Closure: Begins Sept. 1st, impacting approximately 1.8 miles.
  • Accessibility: West side stays open with a detour for long-distance hikers.
  • Affected Campsites: Southeast & Northeast Split Rock River sites.

Note: The loop’s west side and detour remain accessible for hiking adventures.

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