Useful Resources

Hello and welcome to Pacific Northwest Tree Climbing! As you may know, we are a dedicated service that help empower people who have a curiosity and a passion for tree climbing.

We are quite serious about our fact finding and we care very much about the information that is being consumed by individuals that carry a love for trees and would like to explore more regarding the forests of the Pacific Northwest. We believe that people should be picky about the information that they consume. After all, you may not realize it but the information that you are reading is actually hindering your understanding of this pretty enlightening and enriching activity.

In light of this, we wanted to share some interesting resources that you can make use of to grow your knowledge. If you happen to have any resources that you think other people may also benefit from, let us know by hitting up our contact page.

For now, make use of these sites:

Tree Climber’s Coalition

This website is a free resource which focuses on providing those who are a little too intimidated to approach organizations or would wish to take a break from the politics that afflict those groups. This resource is focused on publishing helpful articles that benefit the individuals that would be interested in being independent climbers.

This is good since individual knowledge is something that should be cultivated. If you’re aiming to learn more about how you can personally prepare for any tree climbing trips, this is a good resource to use.

Tree Care Industry Association

If you’re a person that cares deeply about the care and longevity of forests in general, this is one resource that will come in handy for you. They have a publication which has won accolades. They focus primarily on providing information on how to best care for forests and empowering those that wish to become fully accredited tree climber instructors.