Tree Climbing as an Escape: Breaking the City Life with Tree Climbing

Featured1 - Tree Climbing as an Escape: Breaking the City Life with Tree Climbing

It’s something you may have done all those years ago when you were young. At least once in their life, everyone remembers how it was like to climb a tree or at least try to climb one. The adrenaline rush you get when you’re several feet up in the air, looking down on your friends or family, is priceless. Of course, if you have a morbid fear of heights, then it unfortunately isn’t for you.

Climbing a tree isn’t something that someone just randomly picks up to do. You either have the guts to go for it and master it or you simply don’t have that. Climbing trees take dedication—at least, when you want to do it for a living or have the passion for it.

Climbing for a living

There are people who seriously consider climbing for a living; these people are those who cut trees at a high altitude so that they still manage to grow. However, there are those who would rather instruct people on climbing trees and the proper way to do that.

Climbing for all ages

Just like mountaineering, there is no specific age set for when someone wants to pursue tree-climbing as a passion. You can be as young as 15 and conquer trees as old as 150. You can probably be as old as 70 and be considered spry enough to make it up a tree that has at least 10 rings.

Climbing to cultivate

Trees are also plants, and because of that, they need to be taken care of. Some people aren’t just built for the office; some of them find work as an arborist. Aside from the bonus of working outside—kind of like field work—they also manage to take care of trees from making life difficult for the people below.

Climbing for recreation

Arborists aren’t the only people to climb trees. There are also recreational climbers or people who do it as a sort of hobby. This is where the tree climbing scene provides work for passionate people; people sign up to learn how to climb up the proper way, and teachers are needed to teach them how.

Climbing the proper way

If you want to learn how to climb, you need to go to a qualified school to learn the proper way to climb. Be wary of climbing schools, though; there are those that look legitimate enough, but turn out to be rogue schools. If you want to learn the proper techniques, look for certification and the proper documents that makes the school legal.

Climbing to get away

Tree-climbing doesn’t have to have a reason to do; you might have one, but it necessarily isn’t needed. The most common reason is to escape the doldrums of everyday life, even if only for a while. If you’re at home with nature, consider getting that feel of nature by climbing a tree.

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