Tree Climbing/Education

We here at the Pacific Northwest Tree Climbing Institute are dedicated towards making tree climbing a great experience by teaching the right climbing techniques as well as the difference between gears. There is a difference separating tree climbing from all other climbing, and that’s the proper education and information we hope to deliver.

If you are a teacher looking to teach your students the right fundamentals about tree climbing, please do join us. We want to learn from other teachers about their teaching techniques and, at the same time, we aim to impart our knowledge and accumulated information to others interested to know more about tree climbing, teach others the proper techniques, and let others know what a very meaningful activity it is.

We are confident that our staff—made up of biologists and specialists on trees—will impart useful knowledge about how to climb trees, what gears hurt these trees more than it helps you, and what best practices you can use to make tree climbing more enjoyable.

In addition to this, we also focus on making tree climbing a safer experience for you. Climbing is an enjoyable activity and you should, above all, experience that joy. That aside, you should also keep yourself safe above all else; therefore, while imparting the joy of the experience, we also focus on how you can stay safe even while hundreds of miles above the forest floor.

We have perfected our techniques to allow groups of people at a time to join in the activity. We have also developed these techniques so that more people can enjoy climbing trees; whether you’ve wanted to do it for a long time, enjoy it at the spur of the moment, or is a long-time climber looking to enhance his or her techniques, we can accommodate you and give you the experience you’re looking for.