Free Climbing and You: How to Become Faster and Better

climb - Free Climbing and You: How to Become Faster and Better

Rock climbing isn’t an easy hobby to get into. There is a lot that goes to get into shape for rock climbing. You usually have to train for stamina, not to mention getting your body in shape. You can go into the gym to train yourself to climb mountains, but ultimately, you’ll have to experience your first climb before you can go ahead and train further.

Here’s a good strategy to climbing, coming from someone who knows how it is to climb mountains—Emily Harrington.

Don’t be an expert, but be good

Harrington believes that the way to begin climbing is by mastering yourself first. Never let your bravado get the best of you. If you’re a beginner, then seek beginner slopes and ascents suited to your level. Don’t go seeking advanced problems just because you think you’re a natural.

Mastering tricks: Back-stepping

A technique that even intermediate climbers still comes back to is the back step. In this process, Harrington narrates, you shift your right hip to the wall so that you get to stand on the outer edge of your right foot. If you’ll notice other climbers, they don’t always climb straight on; some people do, and that’s not wrong, but not right, either.

Mastering tricks: Stand straight

This isn’t only a trick you learn when you’re in kindergarten or when you join the army. The same is true when you’re climbing. You must master standing up, using your legs to propel yourself upward instead of your legs. You’ll have an easier time as well as rest your arms for harder situations.

Wear the right shoes

If you’re going to go for a new pair of shoes for a climb, why not invest in a good pair right away? Beginner climbers often think that a pair of loose-fitting shoes with a comfortable fit is best. Instead, get higher end shoes, or ones that are built specifically for the climb that you’re on.

Mastering tricks: Styles make points

Each climb is a unique climb as each climber has a unique style than the next climber after them. If you see someone attempting to climb at a fast pace, the slower, surer pace may be for you. Master your own style; it will be easier to advance that way. What works for others may not work for you.

Mastering tricks: Technique, not strength

You may have often seen climbers push their way through climbs relying solely on their strength and return with an injury or two. This happens when you rely solely on your strength. Seek to develop an easy style to follow first before you target to climb using your strength. If possible, use a combination of the two.

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