Tree Climbing/Climb Trips

s1 - Tree Climbing/Climb TripsOne of the most forested areas in the US, the Oregon area has some legendary trees waiting to wow the consummate climber. We are here to assist climb groups looking to spend a night to make the most out of this forested area.

Orientation Before the Climb

All climbs begin with an orientation once the climbers are all in the area. The orientation includes the introduction to the proper gear and fitting of the gear, knowing the basic techniques using ropes to assist your climb, and to become acquainted with safety up in the canopy. This also includes practice climbs of short distances. This orientation is made for beginners, but we strongly advise any climber—beginner and advanced climbers alike—to go through this orientation.

All-day Canopy Climb

This is a guided climb; a climb up to the upper canopies of the Oregon forest, particularly an old Douglas-fir tree. It starts early in the day and it begins with a guide. Once you’re up in the canopy, your day can proceed, however you want it; exploring the forest for the bio-diversity, preferring the quiet time the experience affords, or climbing a tree along with a companion, a friend, or family.

Overnight Canopy Adventures

These overnight canopy climbs are something you need to experience even once. The trips usually start in the morning with the group ascending to the canopy. Lunch is served among the tree tops, with enough time to explore the surroundings and enjoying the forest. The trip finishes with a descent along with other activities in preparation for the evening. Supper is often served early.