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What experience do I need? Generally speaking a willingness to learn and a desire to climb are most important. We provide top-quality climbing equipment and teach the skills you need to climb with us.

Is Pacific Tree Climbing Institute insured? We are registered in the State of Oregon as outfitter/guides, maintaining liability insurance and a surety bond. Certificates of insurance are available on request.

What is your licensing? We are registered outfitter/guides in the State of Oregon, carrying liability insurance, a surety bond, first aide training and other requirements.

Where do you climb? We climb on public and private land in the State of Oregon under special use permits with the Willamette National Forest and other permitting agencies. We can also take you climbing in trees on your property. Contact us for more information.

How much does it cost? Program rates vary depending on climbing locations, number of participants, and other logistical considerations. Our costs are comparable to other, guided outdoor activities. Contact us for specific information. All major cards accepted.

What gear do I need? We provide state of the art equipment made specifically for safe, comfortable tree climbing by New Tribe, Petzl and others. In general, we recommend that you dress in clothing appropriate for the weather in long pants, long sleeved shirts and sturdy, comfortable closed-toe shoes.

How physically challenging is it to climb? The answer to that question depends on the individual. If you are healthy, active and of normal weight for your height you are likely to find climbing to be easy, perhaps easier than you thought. If you have spent the last few decades without enough physical activity and carry extra weight you will find it more challenging. If you have any medical conditions that might impair your ability to climb safely we ask that you consult with your personal physician before climbing.

Testimonial from a former employee I began climbing two years ago at the age of 50, have spent too much time behind a desk and carrying an extra 20+ pounds. I was slow (climbers ascend at their own pace) and tired at the end of the day, but elated with my success!

Call us if you have questions about your ability to climb.

How do I, you know, visit the restroom in a tree? When spending the night aloft we provide climbers with pee bottles. Women use a 4-2-P made by Freshette or a Lady J which allows for personal comfort while wearing a climbing saddle. In general we subscribe to the Leave No Trace philosophy and provide comfortable camp toilets at our climbing sites.

How high can I climb? That depends entirely on how high you wish to climb. We climb trees of any height, including trees over 250 feet tall.

What training do Pacific Tree Climbing Institute guides have? All our instructor/guides are professional arborists with several years of full-time professional climbing experience. In addition, they have current Wilderness First Responder or first aide and aerial rescue training. Guides are chosen based on their climbing knowledge, excellent communication skills and the ability to anticipate climber's needs.

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