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Overnight Expeditions


This expedition includes an evening aloft over 230 feet in an old growth Douglas fir tree at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. Towering above the forest floor in our Pacific Northwest temperate rain forest, you will partake in an awe-inspiring, rare event few get to experience in their lifetime.

You will be climbing in a tree of unique beauty and ancient size. High in the tree, there will be a canvas “Treeboat©” waiting for you to rest, relax, stretch and take in the majesty of the canopy in peace. A “Treeboat©” is a heavy-duty canvas hammock, rated to carry thousands of pounds. This is a pleasant destination for your climb, giving you optimal comfort. The Treeboats© are constructed with a 2” thick air mattress providing a comfortable nights sleep. When you awake aloft in the breath-taking tree tops, you will be overlooking spectacular, mountainous views forested by old growth Douglas firs.

For this adventure, no prior climbing experience is necessary. Ascending the tree is comparable to hiking a steep trail with a day pack. People that have climbed with us range from 8 to over 80 years old. Our expert guides outfit you in specially designed tree climbing harnesses appropriately adjusted for your personal size. Before the climb takes place, our guides will take you and your group to dinner at a local restaurant. Once at the tree, our guides will orient you with the techniques used to ascend and descend on your rope. When the climb takes place, your guide will be alongside you ascending into the canopy. We ascend into the canopy as night falls to settle in for a special evening under the stars. Morning is a gentle, sleepy time in the canopy as the music of the birds in the forest awakes around you. You are greeted in your Treeboat© with the beverage of your choice and a hot peppermint face cloth to refresh you before descending the tree and returning to terra firma.

Full excursion: 11am-9am, $900.per person/Just overnight: 6pm-9am, $600. per person

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