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Day Climbs


This guided expedition includes a dream-like day in the canopy of an astounding old growth Douglas fir tree of unique beauty located in the Pacific Northwest temperate rain forest. The tree that you will be climbing is at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, and is approximately 280 feet tall. As you ascend into the upper reaches of the canopy, you will observe a unique ecosystem that is extraordinarily different than the forest floor below. Some people choose to explore the limb structures of old growth trees and learn about the wild life that inhabits the tree tops. Many like to witness the view of the expansive forests, giving you a remarkable view of the beautiful Cascades. Our climbing site is carefully chosen, with the serene sound of running water ever present during your climb.

High in the tree, there will be a canvas “Treeboat©” waiting for you to rest, relax, stretch and take in the majesty of the canopy in peace. A Treeboat© is a heavy-duty canvas hammock designed for tree climbing. This is a pleasant destination for your climb, giving you optimal comfort for your experience. The Treeboats© are constructed with a 2” thick air mattress providing a resting place amongst the branches. For this adventure, there is no prior climbing experience is necessary. Ascending the tree is comparable to hiking a mountain with a day pack. People that have climbed with us range from 8 to over 80 years old. Our expert guides outfit you in specially designed tree climbing harnesses appropriately adjusted for your personal size. A thorough orientation is given to inform you on the climbing techniques you will use for the day. When the climb takes place, your guide will be alongside as you ascend into the canopy. You can rest upon a limb or lie back in your Treeboats©. Once you are settled in, you can feel free to eat a provided lunch and enjoy the serenity. An old growth tree offers an exciting and peaceful place to experience life in a timeless setting.

Day climb: 11am-4pm, $300. per person

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