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What We Do

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Our Mission
We offer guided tree climbing expeditions in magnificent trees found in the legendary forests of the Pacific Northwest. Our purpose is simple: we hope to demonstrate that the remaining old growth groves have greater value as intact forests than as lumber. If by facilitating your visit to our endangered eco-systems you find yourself inspired by the beauty and wonder of the trees, then we will have succeeded in our purpose.

Experience World-Class Climbing Sites
We climb in the internationally renown forests of the Pacific Northwest, home to Douglas fir (which arenít true fir trees), hemlock, cedar, firs (ie grand and noble), maple, yew and several other native species. Oregon is also home to the famous northern spotted owls, as well as golden eagles and ospreys. Tree climbers from around the world dream of climbing in our temperate rain forests - now you can experience this unique environment too!

We are registered, insured and bonded outfitter guides with the State of Oregon . Our operation has been thoroughly evaluated by the agencies and private landowners who have issued us legal permits to climb on their public and private lands.

Expert Guides
Our guides are some of the best climbers in the Pacific Northwest , an area known for producing excellent climbers. We keep our guide to guest ratio small, generally one guide to every three climbers, so your climbing needs are well met. They are experienced, well trained professionals happy to share their love of tree climbing and our legendary forests with you.

State of the art equipment and climbing methods
Rock harnesses are light weight, strong and well suited to rock climbing. Thatís why we donít use them for tree climbing. While rock climbing shares technology with tree climbing they are very different activities. We use climbing methods and hardware designed specifically for technical, single rope tree climbing. Climbing is our life; we use the best gear. So will you.

Unique experience
If you are inspired by new experiences this belongs on your ďMust DoĒ list. Ascending into the canopy of an old growth forest is not only an adrenaline high but a journey of the spirit.

Our guided tree climbing is thrilling and rewarding and can be enjoyed by people of many ages and levels of physical ability, but it is important to realize that climbing involves inherent risks. We require all participants to familiarize themselves and agree to our Climbing Rules and to complete our Registration and Release of Liability.

It is difficult to predict how strenuous tree climbing is for any given individual. In general those of normal weight for their height without underlying medical conditions which could impair their ability to climb safely find climbing to require only moderate strength. Some people find climbing to be quite strenuous and others are surprised at how easy it is. We are able to assist individuals on their ascent and this allows people of varying physical abilities to climb. If you or your physician have any questions about what climbing entails please contact us directly.

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Contact Information

For booking and other information contact PTCI:
Toll Free: (866)OLD-TREE(653-8733)